Cherry Hills to Host PGA???

Well it is about to happen, 2014 is not far off and we are all excited to hear from John Elway for any reason but this news is really good for Cherry Hills Country Club. The course was thought to be to “easy” for the PGA to have any real interest in coming back, although the History of the course would lead us to think Otherwise. Check out the news links below.

This is great news for the Luxury home market in Cherry Hills as this event draws lots of folks with lots of money and with all of the major economic growth in Colorado we should expect the deals in Cherry Hills to be gone shortly, so if you are thinking of moving to Cherry Hills I would suggest doing that sooner then later. It might also be wise to start looking at putting your house on the market if you have had any thoughts of selling recently and have thought you may not be able to do so, this is your chance!

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Allen Iverson

When Allen Iverson was playing for the Denver Nuggets he needed a plush pad in the Cherry Hills area of Denver. The home he had purchased was located in an Enclave of Cherry Hills called Buell Mansion. This area has some exquisite homes that were perfect for a Denver athlete. The community is one of the gated community’s within Cherry Hills Village and boasts Multi Million dollar price tags on every block.

Mr Iverson’s home was recently put under contract for sale around the $2.8 Million mark, we wont know what was paid for the home until its sold but it seems as though there has been a demand for payment of the loan balance from the bank! Even wealthy celebrity’s are feeling the crunch of the housing market. Some americans have been hit by values being brought down but it really puts it in perspective to know that the loss on a home for people like Allen Iverson can hit the 7 Figure bracket! So next time you think you’re hurting because you may have lost a few thousand in value on your home, consider poor Mr. Iverson and the loss that he is in the middle of around $1 Million dollars out the window.

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Jumbo Loans

Cherry Hills Village is full of homes in high price points and we all know that finding the $ to make these purchase’s can be tight. Lucky for the high end market that the Jumbo Mortgage market made a return last year and keeps getting better along with the market. There are not as many programs available to finance the High End as there were in the past but there are lots of options available for Buyers who can afford it. The interest rates are in a low place compared to previous products that were offered and they can make getting that move into the high end market a lot more of a Reality then buyers may realize. Some of the Lenders that can help you with Jumbo Loans are listed Below,

Stacey King Wells Fargo 303-796-1201

Blase Deroco Ideal Home Loans 303-783-3983

Ryan Urbach Fairway Independent Mortgage 720-933-3991

Craig White Coldwell Banker Home Loans 720-938-5781

Matthew Hibler Nationstar Mortgage 720-528-4403

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John Fox

The home owners in Cherry Hills might be gaining some new neighbors very soon. As well as saying good-bye to those out the door. Cherry Hills has seen lots of sports figures as home owners and tenants over the years but some of the most prominent come from the Denver Broncos. Who will the lucky new neighbors of Denver’s future of football be? Maybe it could be you!

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Listing Vs Selling

In the high-end markets like Cherry Hills it is a brutal market with many agents all competing for business and every one of them has something that makes them “better” than the competition. In Reality Selling High End housing is no different that selling other homes. I have found that in the High End market there are lots of Ego’s and false idea’s being passed around that do nothing except cost the consumer money. This is why so many of the clients in Cherry Hills have their own Real Estate licence’s. Why would they pay a Realtor 2.8% to sell their homes when they can do it themselves and keep the 2.8%? It is a logical thought process that does not always work out for the seller. The other issue that comes up in the High End market is lavish spending on marketing. The reality is that 90% of Buyers are looking for their homes online and not finding them in high-priced magazines. So does this mean that you should front a large amount of money on a Website for your listing? I don’t think so, because unless someone is searching for your exact address they are probably only going to find your listing on sites like or which your agent should be using for a very low-cost and not sending the cost on to the consumer. All in all the marketing costs for a $2,000,000 home should be the same as a home that is priced at $200,000. Using the internet to its full capacity should be the best way to sell and market a house. Over $2,000,000 can be considered a different animal and then marketing in some national areas might be of use but most likely the Buyers will still find the property online as well. Some things to make sure are included with your listing in Cherry Hills would be,

Minimum of 25 Photos, the MLS in Colorado allows for 25 Photos to be up loaded by the agent. The more photos your listing has the higher it is ranked on sites like and (as well as most other sites). Lots of the sites will also allow of additional photos to be uploaded by the agent who has the listing and the more photos the better your web traffic.

Virtual Tour’s, these are a must. Along the same lines as the photos the Virtual Tours bring added Value to your listing online. The more content that your add for the listing has the better it gets. Keep in mind that a Virtual Tour is usually just still photos or a camera that can rotate 360 degrees so that potential buyers can see an entire room and this is different from a Video Tour.

Video Tours are less common and most people are not doing them. Why? Because they are expensive and there are very few people who are doing good quality Video Tours. HGTV does a great job with this and I suggest finding an Agent who does both a Virtual Tour and a Video tour.

This might be where the seller will need to front some of the marketing expense as a large home could cost Thousands for a high quality Virtual Tour, Video Tour and Good Photos. Some of the most common agency’s for this service are listed below but I don’t think it is a good idea to assume the most expensive option is always the best. Also make sure to consider staging the home, although you might have the best taste in the world it is often an image of ones self that looks good and does not attract Buyers.

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Some Amazing Estates

In the Cherry Hills Village area there are lots of amazing estate homes through out. Some favorites are listed here,

The Stone Towers is one of the most prestigious homes built in Cherry Hills and is fit for a king. The home is much more than just a home complete with all the features on can expect with a multi Million $ price tag.

8 Churchill Dr is another amazing example of the homes found in Cherry Hills Village. This home has views of the Cherry Hills Country Club golf course and does not disappoint. A garage fit for a collector that can fit 18 cars. This home is also one of the most unique designs in Cherry Hills and who could forget the 1,100 sq foot wine cave?

5000 E Quincy Ave This home is not for the faint of heart. With grounds that would put Hugh Hefner to shame and a price tag just under $20 Million it is easy to see yourself living the high life from this magnificent home.

There are many more homes in Cherry Hills Village but these are just a few favorites. Denver’s most prominent citizens from Sports figures to local celebrity’s call Cherry Hills Home and with so many people coming to Denver to enjoy the Rocky Mountains many people from around the world also have homes here to enjoy. Follow the link below to see all of the homes for sale in Cherry Hills for over $5 Million.

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Listing Cherry Hills 2011

Well it is Christmas Night and we are quickly approaching 2011. Most people are sitting at home with Family and Real Estate is the last thing on the mind. This should not be the case! As we move into 2011 lots of folks will be getting off the fence and shopping. Normally in Denver we see a large amount of traffic in all price ranges the first 2 weeks of the year.

Cherry Hills Village is one place where home buyers and sellers should be on top of their game in the last week of the year. If people are gearing up for an early start on the market in 2011 they need to prepare in this last week of 2010. The high-end market all around the Denver metro area has been booming for the past few months and it does not seem to show any signs of slowing. As interest rates have risen lots of buyers in the Luxury market are looking to make a quick decision before the rates become to high for it to make sense. Sure most people buying over $2 Million are going to be paying with lots of cash. However when Financed money is cheap people tend to use it.

Cherry Hills Village has not seen price changes from thousands of foreclosures but there have been people who were forced to take some loss’ in the sales of their homes and this can cause some speculation as to where the price’s stand. The Kinslow Team will always offer Free CMA’s and can list your home without asking for a large marketing premium up front. People sitting on the sidelines for the start of 2011 may get left behind because of fear but if they need, or just want to make a move they should prepare now.


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